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With experience across many industries and disciplines, we bring your napkin sketches to life.
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Kenmore Smart: Device Ecosystem App
Product Design | User Experience | User Interface | Interaction Design
Fastly: Product Illustrations
Product Design | Brand Design | Illustration | User Interface
Akridata: Brand + Site Refresh
Brand Design | Web Design | Illustration
Roku: National Retail Packaging
Brand Design | Packaging Design | Print Design
Live Earth: Branding and Logo Design
Brand Design | Art Direction | Logo Design | Graphic Design
Afero: Connected Device Automation Platform
Product Design | User Experience | User Interface | Interaction Design

We are a best-in-class design studio located in the Bay Area, California. With over 20 years of experience, there is little we haven't seen. From preparing for internal public offerings, to successful acquisitions, international product launches, and everything in between. Working from large established brands to Series A start ups, we bring value to our clients to achieve their business goals through design & creativity.

Creative & Brand Design
Brand development is a skill we take seriously. Logo design, brand development, web design, brand & style guides, ad campaigns, and anything else your brand might touch, are all well within our wheelhouse.
Product & User Experience Design
We handle all aspects of product design. User experience and interface, to interaction modeling, userflows, prototyping and user testing, to visual design and micro animations. We love taking a product from concept to launch.
Animation & Motion Graphics
We enjoy bringing delight to users and customers through motion. We handle all types of motion graphics and animations as well as concepting, storyboarding, special effects, editing and video production.
Illustration & Graphic Design
We handle illustration and graphic design of all types, including publication illustrations, graphic arts, 3d modeling, character designs, editorial, concept art, visual development, and environments.

We stay pencil prone.


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